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Engineering Management MS

Master of Science in Engineering Management

This ten-course program equips engineers with the fundamental theory, management skills, and practical ideas needed to confidently pursue the growing number of engineering leadership positions across numerous industries. This flexible, competitively priced program can be taken completely online, or students can elect to take some of their classes on the UMass Amherst campus and take advantage of an even wider selection of elective courses.

The UMass Amherst Master of Science in Engineering Management program emphasizes the use of engineering technology and management perspectives to solve complex problems, make decisions, and manage risk, all within the framework of complex systems analysis and design. Participants will graduate with more than an engineering management degree. They will be ready to lead engineering and interdisciplinary teams, manage and analyze the wealth of information (big data) pervasive in most industries, deal with risk and uncertainty, and make better decisions, design better products and develop more effective processes. They will be prepared to perform better in their current jobs and to achieve greater success in their engineering management careers.

Online and on-campus classes offered as part of the Master of Science in Engineering Management program are taught by faculty from the UMass Amherst College of Engineering’s departments of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering and the internationally acclaimed Isenberg School of Management. The program is thus well suited to engineers from all disciplines as well as business graduates with engineering/analytical inclinations.

The UMass Amherst College of Engineering is ranked the best public engineering school in New England and has a long tradition of distance education. All classes in the Master of Science in Engineering Management program are taught by faculty who are researchers and leaders in their fields. The program also boasts a long line of successful alumni working in leading engineering firms. Program participants can thus build networks with leaders in the field.

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Program Courses

All the classes listed below are offered fully online. Additional classes are offered on campus.

The core courses required are as follows:
MIE 657 Human Factors Engineering
MIE 697Z Principles of  Systems Engineering
MIE 686 Multiple Criteria Decision Making & Decision Analysis
MIE 754 Economic Decision Making
MIE 532 Network Optimization

Electives include, but are not limited to:
M&I-ENG 655 Quality Control and Reliability
M&I-ENG 620 Linear Programming
M&I-ENG 573 Engineering Windpower Systems
M&I-ENG 651 Advanced Production Planning & Control

SCH-MGMT 632 Strategic Information Management, (3 credits) Online only
SCH-MGMT 633 Financial and Managerial Accounting, (4 credits) Online only
SCH-MGMT 640 Corporate Finance, (3 credits) Online only
SCH-MGMT 650 Business Data Analysis, (3 credits) Online only
SCH-MGMT 670 Operations Management, (3 credits) Online only
SCH-MGMT 680 Leadership and Organizational Behavior, (3 credits) Online only
SCH-MGMT 697S ST-Supply Chain Management, (1 credit) Online only - summers - even years
SCH-MGMT 783 Business Law, (3 credits) Online only

At least three electives must be at the 600 level or above, and two electives at the 500 level or above.
One elective can be satisfied by independent study. Electives should be chosen in cooperation with their advisor.

College of Engineering class descriptions can be found here

Isenberg School of Management class descriptions can be found here

Students are encouraged to select electives that align with their professional interests and needs.


Qualified students with B.S. degrees from engineering, management science or related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

There are two application deadlines:
June 1 for Fall admission
October 1  for Spring admission

The application requirements can be found at

To apply, go to the Graduate School’s website and click on Apply Now.

For more information on the UMass Amherst Master of Science in Engineering Management Program, contact Caanin Manson, 413-545-1537,