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MIE Graduate Programs

Full details of the degree requirements and procedures for completing degrees are included in the Graduate School Bulletin and the MIE Graduate Student Handbook. Prospective students should review the MIE Department's Research Areas in order to familiarize themselves with the major research themes of the department. To apply, please go the Graduate School Admissions Page.

M.S. Degree Programs

Incoming students may choose one of two options for earning their Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering: (1) The Thesis option or the (2) Coursework option.  Students must declare which option they are pursuing when applying to UMass.  Students are not generally permitted to switch from one option to the other; they may only switch options with the permission of the MIE Graduate Program Director.

Thesis option
The thesis or project can be oriented toward research, design or development. The program of coursework typically includes seven or eight courses selected from the student's major area and from core disciplines in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.

Coursework only option
The coursework only option is a degree based entirely on coursework and independent study credits.  This tends to be a broader degree because the students typically take courses from all areas of the department, as well as some from outside the department.  The student must complete at least thirty graduate credits.  Coursework only MS students are not normally considered for Assistantships, but may receive funding if they graduate and continue for a Ph.D.

Engineering Management
This ten-course program equips engineers with the fundamental theory, management skills, and practical ideas needed to confidently pursue the growing number of engineering leadership positions across numerous industries. This flexible, competitively priced program can be taken completely online, or students can elect to take some of their classes on the UMass Amherst campus and take advantage of an even wider selection of elective courses. The details are explained here.

Fast Track Acceptance
UMass MIE undergraduates who would like to continue their MIE studies in our Coursework Only MS degree may qualify for a simplified admissions process.  The details are explained here.

The 5 year BS/MS plan
Students may complete the requirements for both a BS and MS in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering in 5 years.  The details, requirements, and a FAQ are explained here

Ph.D. Degree Programs

The principle requirement of the Ph.D program is the submission, approval, and successful oral defense of the doctoral dissertation. Students are guided in the preparation of their dissertation by their research advisors and by committees which review and approve oral and written presentations of a prospectus and which administer a preliminary qualifying examination. The student's committee also approves a program of coursework relevant to the student's major area and to a minor area of study.

Wind Energy Graduate Concentration/Certificate

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department offers both a Wind Energy Graduate Concentration and a Certificate program. The Concentration and Certificate requirements are identical:  the Concentration is for degree-seeking graduate students and the Certificate is for non-degree students.    These 15 credit, 5 course Wind Energy programs allow students to obtain in-depth knowledge of all aspects of wind energy. The Concentration can be obtained concurrently with any ME Graduate degree. Application to the Concentration program occurs after acceptance into one of the ME Graduate degree programs.  Students wishing to pursue a Certificate should apply as a non-degree studentA full description of the Wind Energy Graduate Concentration/Certificate is available here.

For application information please visit the Graduate Admissions Office.

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