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23 Engineering Students Present in Research Conference

The College of Engineering was well-represented on April 26 during the 19th Annual Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference at the UMass Amherst Campus Center. Some 23 students from chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering were among more than 830 students from campuses across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts giving poster and oral presentations from a wide range of academic disciplines throughout the day. The faculty sponsor for almost half of those engineering projects was Jessica Schiffman of the Chemical Engineering Department who sponsored nine chemical engineering student presentations. Each year undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds from across the Massachusetts Public System of Higher Education gather to present the results of their original work in oral and poster presentations before their peers, faculty, and the public.

Students present work related to thesis research, creative work in the visual and performing arts, independent study, community service, and study abroad. First held in 1995 for the four undergraduate campuses of the UMass system, the conference has grown to involve students from nearly all of the public colleges and universities in Massachusetts.

The oral and poster presentations from the College of Engineering follow.

Chemical Engineering:

  • Corinne Carpenter, Properties of Defect-Induced Amorphization of Graphene
  • Ryan Deeney, ZnSe Quantum Dot Synthesis with Selenourea as a Selenium Precursor
  • William Frantz, Paclitaxel distribution in Taxus cell aggregates
  • Alex Gramann, Impact of paclitaxel accumulation on population balance equation model of Taxus cell culture
  • Matthew Gurney, Self-Seeded crystallization of poly(3-hexylthiophene) via Controlled Heating & Cooling
  • James Hamblin, Representing the Effects of the BK Channel on Circadian Activity through a Mathematical Model
  • Magnum Lew, The Production and Characterization of Wood Fiber Thin Films for Pyrolysis
  • Maksymilian Nowak, Tissue Stiffness and Breast Cancer Metastasis
  • Nicholas Skarzynski, Effects of Surfactant Coverage on Solid Lipid Nanoparticle Polymorph Change
  • Jean Smith, Effect of Thermoreversible Micelliztion on Nutrient Transport in Alginate/Pluronics Composite Hydrogels
  • Siddharth Sood, Syntrophic interactions of Geobacter in Wastewater Reactors
  • William Yarr, Quantifying Size Dependence of Quantum Dot Emission Sprectra
  • Kelsey Mantoni, Spatiotemporal Rheological Properties of Cell-Seeded Alginate Hydrogels
  • Dana Thornlow, Extraction and Analysis of Highly Motile Salmonella typhimurium for Increased Penetration into Tumor Tissue
  • Michael Vilkhovoy, Effect of mechanical shear on the growth and aggregation dynamics of Taxus suspension cultures

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Alexander Chan, CFD Analysis and Optimization of a Microfluidic Mixer to Observe Protein Folding
  • Collin Budz, Vortex Induced Vibrations of Curved Circular Cylinder in Flow
  • Natalie Zucker, Design and Manufacture of Handlebars for a Smart Walker

Civil Engineering:

  • Jack Barry, Benchscale Investigation of CAS vs. BNR Wastewater Treatment Effluent Bioavailability
  • Alexander Flinn, Evaluating Dowel-Bearing Strength for Laminated Bamboo Lumber (LBL) in Structural Applications
  • Timothy Light, Strength Properties of Rail Ballast Subjected to Moisture and Fouling
  • Philip MacClellan, Identification of Applicability for Implementation of the Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrow in Massachusetts
  • Thomas Rogg, Generic High Early Strength Concrete for Bridge Repair (May 2013)