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Fisher Interviewed on WFCR About Texting While Driving

Donald Fisher, head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, director of the Human Performance Laboratory, and expert on distracted driving, was interviewed on January 13 by WFCR public radio about the dangers of texting while driving. “Drivers of all ages are 17 to 20 percent more at risk when they’re texting than when they’re not texting,” explained Professor Fisher. “And that increased risk comes because they glance down longer than two seconds.” Dr. Fisher went on to compare that risk with driving while intoxicated. “Remember,” he said, “with an alcohol level of .08, you’re only three time more at risk." Listen to entire interview:

During the interview, Fisher noted that “Banning texting [while driving] is what needs to be done. It’s an insidious disease. Adults don’t realize how short two seconds is.”

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