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Three CEE Alumnae Elevated to New Appointments at GEI

Gillian M. Gregory

Gillian M. Gregory

Ileen S. Gladstone

Ileen S. Gladstone

GEI Consultants, Inc., one of the nation’s leading geotechnical, environmental, water resources, and ecological science and engineering firms, announced recently that three University of Massachusetts Amherst alumnae from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department received new appointments and promotions in 2015.  Gillian M. Gregory (M.S. ’82, Ph.D. ’86) is the new Chairwoman of the GEI Board of Directors. Ileen S. Gladstone (M.S. ’83) was elected to a Senior Vice President position. And Jeanne A. LeFebvre (M.S. ’99) accepted the position of Boston Geotechnical Division Manager. All three alumnae are located in GEI’s Boston office.

In a GEI press release, Raymond D. Hart, P.E., President of GEI Consultants, said that “I would like to congratulate these three individuals for their growing leadership contributions and continuing commitment to GEI’s success. They have all demonstrated exceptional client service and ability to grow our business.”

According to that same release, GEI’s Board of Directors selected Ms. Gregory, Ph.D., P.E., as its new Chairwoman in May of 2015 following her reelection to a second term on the Board. She was first elected to the Board in 2013. Ms. Gregory, who replaced Mr. Naser J. Bateni, P.E., Senior Vice President, is the first woman Chairperson the company has appointed to the position. Ms. Gregory says that, as Chairwoman, she has a responsibility to work with GEI leaders to ensure they always put client service at the forefront, while preserving GEI’s reputation as a great place to work. She also notes that she is committed to making great strides at promoting diversity in the workplace and is resolute about ensuring a diverse workplace for generations to come so GEI’s diversity can foster future success.

Ms. Gregory began with GEI in 1986 and is a geotechnical engineer specializing in dam safety investigations and dam engineering. Her experience conducting dam safety inspections, mostly for hydropower projects, has led to an invitation to participate on a committee assisting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the development of new engineering guidelines incorporating risk-informed decision making. In addition, she also serves on the Newsletter Committee of the United States Society on Dams, the  nation's leading organization of professionals involved with all aspects of dams, including engineering, construction and rehabilitation, operation and maintenance, and safety.

In March of 2015, Ms. Gladstone, P.E., LSP, LEED AP, was one of four senior leaders elected to the Senior Vice President position in an effort to expand GEI’s leadership team. Ms. Gladstone is an Environmental Practice Leader in GEI’s Boston office and has over 31 years of experience in the redevelopment of contaminated properties. She has been the Licensed Site Professional of Record on dozens of construction projects at urban sites to manage contaminated soil and/or groundwater. With extensive experience in the environmental field, she has the perspective to work through complex issues effectively and support the objectives of her clients, saving both time and money.

In April of 2015, Ms. LeFebvre, P.E., accepted the position of Boston Geotechnical Division Manager. In this position, Ms. LeFebvre oversees all projects and individuals within the geotechnical division of the Boston office. She is a registered professional engineer specializing in geotechnical engineering. She has a wide range of experience, including field investigations, forensic investigations, geotechnical analysis and design, construction monitoring, and other construction and design activities for buildings, dams, slopes, retaining walls, landfills, pipelines, bridges, highways, and other projects.

GEI's multi-disciplined team of engineers and scientists deliver integrated water resources, environmental, ecological, geotechnical, and structural engineering solutions to diverse clientele nationwide. The firm has provided a broad range of consulting and engineering services on over 35,000 projects in 50 states and 22 countries. (November 2015)