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UMass Amherst Magazine Spotlights Collura and Fisher

The Summer 2011 edition of UMass Amherst Magazine includes an eight-page spread that spotlights the UMass Amherst Transportation Center and the Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory. The transportation stories also use pithy quotes from the heads of those two groups. “Transportation, like food and water, is a basic human need,” says Transportation Center Director John Collura to begin the spread. “It impacts everyone.” A two-and-a-half-page story on the Transportation Center is the lead for the whole spread. A one-and-a-half-page box on the Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory focuses on its Head, Donald Fisher, who is also the head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. Link to spread: Keep on Moving On.

“We look at driver behavior and try to figure out the factors that actually cause drivers to crash,” says Professor Fisher about his lab, “and then we attempt to design training programs that impact those behaviors and ultimately halt those crashes.”