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Lieutenant Governor Polito Tries Human Performance Lab Driving Simulator at 2016 Moving Together Conference

Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito

Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito

The Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory received another shot of good publicity on September 29 at the 2016 Moving Together Conference, which brings together transportation leaders and individuals involved in the areas of planning, public health, bike and pedestrian safety, transit, advocacy, elected office, law enforcement, and education. At that event, Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito visited the HPL booth to try her hand at the lab’s groundbreaking driving simulator – a PC-based program that trains drivers to anticipate potential roadway hazards and to maintain their attention on the forward roadway.

Women in Engineering and Computing Career Day Set for October 24

On Monday, October 24, 224 young women from 25 high schools in Massachusetts and the region - including Springfield, Chicopee, Greenfield, and Orange - will explore the fields of engineering and computing through hands-on activities. The event is the annual Women in Engineering and Computing Career Day Conference, and the aim of this program is to excite, inspire, and encourage young women to pursue engineering or computer science as an academic track and career path.

Lee and Research Partners Publish Science Article Demonstrating One-step Process for High-strength Metals

Jae-Hwang Lee

Jae-Hwang Lee

Jae-Hwang Lee of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is a member of the team of researchers from UMass and Rice University that is publishing an article in the prestigious journal Science about a dynamic new process for producing high-strength metals. The title of the article is “Dynamic Creation and Evolution of Extreme Gradient Nanostructure in Single-crystal Metallic Micro-cubes.”

Yang and Xia Garner International Media Attention

Qiangfei Xia

Qiangfei Xia

The pioneering research of Joshua Yang and Qiangfei Xia of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is attracting international media attention in Scientific AmericanScience magazine, and many other outlets after being featured in the scientific journal Nature Materials. Yang and Xia are leading a research team that is developing new types of nanoscale devices for microprocessors that can mimic the functioning of a biological synapse, the junction between two neurons in the human brain. The new devices are also energy efficient.


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