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UMass SMV Team Breaks the Magic 1000 MPG Barrier

The UMass Supermileage Vehicle (SMV), a streamlined, three-wheel car with a featherweight aluminum frame and a plastic shrink-wrap shell, rolled smoothly through the Society of Automotive Engineers Supermileage® competition in Marshall, Michigan, while getting a tightfisted 1,010 mpg and finishing in fourth place out of 28 colleges. “We ended up rebuilding, significantly improving, and competing in the car we drove last year,” says faculty advisor Jonathan Rothstein of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department.

New Company Perfects the Science of Inventiveness

The fact is that most great discoveries come from sideways thinking. To wit, a hitch with the Hubble space telescope was fixed when a NASA engineer took a shower in a German hotel and repurposed the design of the shower head. Likewise, Alexander Graham Bell borrowed his idea for the telephone from the human ear. Sideways thinking is the bailiwick of Innovation Accelerator, a startup company that creates software to help companies solve their worst nightmares, design their best products, and create their brightest inventions in a scientific, systematic, effective way.

IGERT Grad Student Does Wind Research in Norway

Wystan Carswell, a doctoral student in the UMass IGERT Offshore Wind Energy Program, has been in Norway for the past five months serving on a research post at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in Oslo. Carswell was the subject of a feature story on the website of her alma mater, Lafayette College. “The ultimate goal of my research is to reduce the cost of generating offshore wind energy, making it more economically appealing,” says Carswell. “Renewable energy is only going to gain importance in the global paradigm.


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