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McCaffrey Develops Toolkit for Boosting Problem-solving Skills

Post-doctoral research fellow Anthony McCaffrey of the Center for e-Design was the subject of an article in the February 11 issue of E Science News as a follow-up to his article in Psychological Science, the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science. McCaffrey has developed a toolkit for boosting anyone's problem-solving skills, based on his Obscure Features Hypothesis. His hypothesis has led to the first systematic, step-by-step approach to devising innovation-enhancing techniques to overcome a wide range of cognitive obstacles to invention.

Marquard Receives NSF CAREER Grant to Retool Health Information Technology

The problem with health information technology, the computer hardware and software dealing with the storage, sharing, and use of healthcare data for communication and decision-making, is that it is basically very user-unfriendly. This drawback is especially unfortunate because health information technology is viewed by our government as one of the most promising tools for improving the overall quality, safety, efficiency, and cost of our ultra-expensive health delivery system.

ELITE Program Trains Today’s MIE Students to Become Tomorrow’s Corporate Leaders

“According to a new study of 36 million Facebook profiles, 3,337 company founders and CEOs across all industries hold an advanced degree in engineering, while 1,016 have advanced business degrees.” This news was reported in an article entitled “Move over MBAs: Here Come the Engineers” in the January 31 edition of the Wall Street Journal.

The Vest That Just Keeps Hugging

The January 31, 2012, issue of Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry magazine published another long article on the Vayu deep-pressure therapy vest for treating people with autism by giving them a “portable hug.” The vest is the brainchild of College of Engineering alumnus Brian Mullen (right), who developed it as a graduate student in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department.


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