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What Alumni Say:

I had a great career in IBM . I utilized my skills as an IE in both the Engineering and Management  of IBM’s  production of semi-conductors. I  also worked as an IBM consulting engineer to helping their client customers manufacture more efficiently. - Arnold


The IE program at UMASS Amherst provided me with a comprehensive foundation in IE and OR methods and their application to various industries.  The faculty, curriculum and labs provided a challenging and an exciting experience. -Mitha


My absolute favorite part of the IE program is the faculty.  I cannot imagine learning from a nicer and more knowledgeable group of people.  Their encouragement made me feel as though they knew I could succeed and it made me want to try harder. - Lindsay


The IE faculty at UMass Amherst not only are focused on their outstanding research, but also their students. The professors are always available for their students whether it be a question on homework, a project, or career advice. The students and faculty are a truly a team in the IE department. - Ashley