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"+1" FAQ

Summer Registration:

  1. Summer courses are scheduled by UWW. Instructions for registering may be found here:
  2. We are unable to provide overrides for any summer courses. If you have any issues with registering, you may contact UWW at or 413-545-3653
  3. If your admit term for the graduate program is Fall, any Summer courses will be listed on your transcript as “Non-Degree” courses. If this is the case, after you have receive grades for your summer courses, please fill out the Transfer of Credits Non-Degree form and return it to me:

Fall Registration:

  1. Fall registration for new graduate students begins in June. The Graduate School will email you registration instructions and dates at some point in May.
  2. If you are unable to add a course due to a missing pre-requisite, please email the course instructor and ask for permission to join the class. If approved, please forward me the thread, and I will override you into the course.
  3. If you are a Mechanical Engineering MS candidate, please remember to register for MIE 697 G. I will send more information on this seminar course in August.
  4. Like with summer courses, I am unable to override students into online courses in the fall. Please follow the same UWW registration instructions listed above.

Transfer of Credits:

  1. If you took graduate courses as an undergraduate that you will be double counting towards your graduate program, you will have to complete the following form: Please send to Kevin Romani no earlier than August 18th. It will be easier for the Graduate School to make this transcript adjustment after your SPIRE information has shifted completely from undergraduate to graduate.
  2. If you took graduate courses as an undergraduate that did not count towards any undergraduate requirements and you want to apply them to your graduate transcript, you will have to complete the following form: Just like the above form, please do not return this to Kevin Romani until August 18th or later.

Differences between the undergraduate and graduate programs:

  1. You do not need to have an advising appointment prior to registration. You simply pick the courses you want to take this fall. As long as you are following the requirements in the Graduate Handbook, you are fine. We encourage students to take courses that are of most interest to you and that can be useful for your eventual career path.
  2. There is no ARR tool for graduate students. After you receive your BS, the ARR will no longer be viewable for you. With only a ten-course requirement for the graduate program, you will need to keep track of this on your own.
  3. The Graduation Term date in SPIRE is different. Instead of being the term you will actually graduate (e.g. it should say Spring 2022 for you right now), the new date will be the term that you need to complete the program by before your statute of limitations expires. Starting in the fall, your Graduation Term will most likely be “Summer 2026.” That simply means you need to finish the graduate program by then. This does not need to be adjusted and should be left alone.