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Integrating EVs@Scale with the Electric Grid


Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 1:00pm


Manish Mohanpurkar, PhD, SMIEEE




Integrating EVs@Scale with the Electric Grid

Event Type Start Time End Time
Webex 7 Oct 2021 - 1:00 PM CDT 7 Oct 2021 - 2:00 PM CDT


What happens when two critical sectors of the society we have created come together?  Whether we realize it yet or not, we are going to witness this phenomenon over the next ten years as the electricity and transportation sectors come together in a new way.  It is up to us— professionals in the electric grid and automotive sectors — to develop the technology to ensure that the merging of these two sectors will result in each becoming stronger. This presentation will discuss trends in both the electrified transportation sector and the grid. Potential ways to enable a symbiotic evolution of these sectors will be presented.


About the Presenter

Manish Mohanpurkar, PhD, SMIEEE
Senior Scientist - NREL

Manish Mohanpurkar is an R&D expert with leadership experience in emerging technologies in the electrified transportation and power grid. For the past 3 years, he served as a Technology Advisor for the Grid and Infrastructure Program (‘Electrified Transportation’) at the Vehicle Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Provided technical leadership for Grid and Infrastructure program with focus on smart charge management, high power charging, and cyberphysical security. Recently he joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as a Senior Scientist. He has 12+ years experience in grid modernization with microgrids, electric vehicles, power electronics, hydropower, and distributed energy resources. Extensive expertise includes hardware-in-the-loop, real-time simulations, dynamic and transient analysis,and multi-domain co-simulation.   Earned Ph.D.(2013) from Colorado State University, M.S. (2010) from Oklahoma State University, and Bachelor of Engineering (2008), Aurangabad, India, all in the field of Electrical Engineering. Authored 45+ papers and an IEEE senior member.