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MIE Seminar Series: “Extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA): incorporating equity into health system modeling and priority setting”


Friday, April 19, 2019 - 12:00pm


Professor Stéphane Verguet, Harvard University


Gunness Student Center, Marcus Hall



Health policies entail consequences in multiple domains. Fundamentally, they increase intervention uptake and consequent health gains (e.g. mortality and morbidity averted). In addition, they can generate non-health benefits including, for example, the enhancement of equity (e.g. equalization of health among individuals in a given population), and financial consequences for households like eliminating private expenditures and the provision of financial risk protection and poverty reduction. Traditionally, health economic evaluations (cost-effectiveness analysis, CEA) have focused on estimating an intervention cost per health gain (e.g. dollar per life year gained). Extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA) supplements CEA with non-health benefits (e.g. equity, poverty reduction) evaluation. ECEA enables the inclusion of multiple criteria including equity criteria into decision-making for selecting health policies. We describe how ECEA can help develop priority health system modeling research areas to identify good value for money investments in health system strengthening.