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MIE Seminar Series: "3D Printing of Metallic Glasses and Composites by Selective Laser Melting"


Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 12:15pm


Professor Lin Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China


Gunness Student Center, Marcus Hall


Metallic glasses (MGs) have received continuous attentions in last decades due to their unique atomic disordering structures and outstanding properties, including high strength and elasticity, good corrosion and well resistance, and excellent magnetic properties, etc. However, the applications of metallic glasses are restricted by size limitation and difficulty in manufacturing of the materials. 3D printing (also called as additive manufacture) based on laser systems provides an alternative approach for the fabrication of metallic glasses with large dimensions and complex geometries. In this talk, we present the recent progress in 3D printing of Fe-based and Zr-based MGs and composites using selective laser melting (SLM) technique in the author’s group, including 3D printing processing, microstructures and mechanical properties of the MGs prepared. In addition, functional properties of 3D-printed Zr-based BMGs are also investigated. As example, using the 3-dimentional porous framework pre-prepared by 3D printing, micro/nano-hierarchical porous structures were fabricated by chemical dealloying, which exhibited excellent catalytic properties towards wastewater treatments. At last, several challenges in 3D printing of MGs, such as selection of amorphous systems, defects and crystallization which have great influences on the fabrication and properties of MGs, are also addressed.

Prof. Liu is currently a Huazhong distinguished professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and chief professor of the Stat Key Laboratory for Materials Processing and Die & Mold Technology, China. He serves as an editor of a few peer-reviewed journals, including Scientific Reports, Frontier in Materials, AIMS Materials Science, etc. He was awarded as an outstanding young teacher by the Ministry of Education of China in 2003 and the new century’s excellent talent by the Ministry of Education of China in 2004, he was also awarded as the academic leadership by municipal government in Wuhan, Hubei Province in 2010. Professor Liu mainly works on Metallic Glasses, High-entropy Alloys, Amorphous Coatings/Thin Films, 3D Printing of Metals. He has acquired 18 China’s innovation patterns and published more than 220 peer-reviewed papers in international journals with total SCI citations of 4000 times and H-index of 35 (Google 5100 time and H=40). He has delivered more than 40 keynote/invited talks in international conferences.