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MIE Seminar Series: "Cellular microstructure in additive manufacturing: Stability and influence in the mechanical response of alloys"


Friday, February 25, 2022 - 11:00am


Dr. Minh-Son (Son) Pham, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College, London




Cellular (or dendritic) microstructure in additively manufactured alloys is distinctively different to that in cast alloys as it contains dense dislocations at the inter-cellular (or inter-dendritic) boundaries. Such microstructure is found to be one of the most influential factors governing the mechanical behaviour of alloys fabricated by additive manufacturing. This talk examines the stability of the microstructure during the monotonic and cyclic loading over a range of temperatures to study their influence in the mechanical performance of some commonly printed alloys such as Inconel 718, AISI 316L and the high entropy Cantor alloy. The talk also presents some insights into the origin of cellular microstructure in particular the roles of the solidification condition and thermal stress cycles in the deposition.

Dr. Pham is a senior lecturer (equivalent to an associate professor in USA) in Engineering Alloys at Imperial, and currently leads a research group of two postdocs and 8 PhD students to carry out fundamental research with focuses on design of novel materials, advanced manufacturing, microstructure and crystal plasticity modelling. His excellent track of record in research includes 36 peer-reviewed publications including in Nature, Nature Communications and more than 15 invited talks at major international conferences and meetings (e.g., Additive Manufacturing International, ICMAT, Thermec, TMS conferences). His outstanding research has been recognised via series of accolades awarded in the UK, USA, Switzerland, South Korea and Vietnam including the ETH Medal. Dr. Pham has established extensive collaboration with leading academics (Sheffield, Cambridge, Birmingham, Hammersmith hospital, ETHZ, CMU and NIST) and industrial experts (BP, BIAM, AWE, Rolls Royce, Cross Manufacturing and Betatype) to tackle engineering problems in energy (power generation plants, gas and oil), aerospace, defence and orthopaedic devices.

Time and Zoom link: February 4, Friday, 11am-12pm