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MIE Seminar Series: "Engineering Management Programmatic Building Blocks: Towards a Sustainable Vision for the UMass Master of Engineering Management (MSEM) Program"


Friday, January 25, 2019 - 9:00am


Professor Woodrow W. Winchester, III, Robert Morris University


MIE Conference Room, ELab I


“Engineering specialties evolve, the management programs will evolve with them while finding their own niches in the marketplace”, states Ross Gortner, Associate Director of Dartmouth’s Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program, in a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article titled “Their Graduates in Demand, Engineering Management Programs Gain in Popularity”. Moreover, as the number of MSEM programs increase, identifying and cultivating an appropriate programmatic niche is increasingly of import. Central to defining a niche is an appropriately informed and well-articulated vision.

This talk proposes and discusses three foundational building blocks that ground a sustainable vision. These building blocks include: 1. Program leadership and development that are aligned and responsive to stakeholder needs and requirements, 2. Active engagement of alumni and advisory boards in decision making processes, and 3. Prioritized institutional support and resources for needed strategic level efforts and activities. Underpinning these building blocks, enabling programmatic characteristics and values, offered as guiding principles, are also highlighted and examined.

While, ultimately, a vision would be informed by a comprehensive needs assessment, early thoughts are also presented on architecting a programmatic infrastructure that thematically prioritizes inclusive leadership, innovation, and intrapreneurship (I^3). This direction is substantiated by both internal and external factors including prevailing industry trends and action steps defined in the University’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.

Woodrow W. Winchester, III, PhD, CPEM is an Associate Professor of Engineering Management, Coordinator of Graduate Engineering Programs, and Faculty Affiliate - Massey Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Robert Morris University, Moon Township, US-PA. He has over eight (8) years of academic and academic enrichment (experiential learning) program planning, design & leadership experiences. He also has over twelve (12) years of teaching and course development (online and on-ground) experiences within the disciplines of industrial & systems engineering (ISE) and engineering/technology management. A trained human factors engineer, Certified Professional in Engineering Management (CPEM), and fitness enthusiast & advocate, Dr. Woodrow W. Winchester, III brings with him a strong passion for the health & wellness space with interests that seek to advance an understanding of consumer connected fitness technologies (devices) in improving health outcomes especially among marginalized populations. Analogously, he actively seeks interdisciplinary experiential learning and academic program development opportunities that make real the value of diversity of perspective and viewpoint in human-centered design (e.g. design thinking) approaches.