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MIE Seminar Series: "Virtual sensing and virtual metrology for spatial error monitoring of roll-to-roll manufacturing systems"


Friday, September 20, 2019 - 12:00pm


Professsor Xiaoning Jin, Northeastern University


Gunness Student Center, Marcus Hall


Roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing techniques are promising for the high-volume continuous production of substrate-based products for a variety of emerging technologies such as flexible printing electronics, biosensors, thin film batteries. However, meeting the tight tolerance requirements of the R2R printed products has become a major challenge in R2R. This talk will focus on how we integrate kinematics modelling and data-driven surrogate models to fundamentally understand the spatial error generation and variation propagation mechanism within a multi-step R2R system, and provide a novel method to devise accurate virtual sensing for effective process monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis with limited physical in-situ sensors. The results will also shed lights on how the methods can be potentially used to achieve unprecedentedly accurate process control.


Xiaoning Jin is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2008 and 2012 respectively. Her research interests include physics-based and data-driven predictive analytics and decision support tools for manufacturing system operations and maintenance, manufacturing process monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics and health management. Her works have been applied to a variety of industry applications ranging from advanced manufacturing systems such as automotive assembly systems, roll-to-roll printing process monitoring and control, smart operations and maintenance decision-making. She co-authored more than 50 published or accepted journal papers and conference papers. She is the recipient of several prizes and awards including the 2016 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), ASME Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference Best Paper Awards in 2014 and 2019. Her research is funded by NSF, Manufacturing USA -MxD Institute, and industry sponsors.