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Steve Malkin Inaugural Lecture

Modeling of grinding technologies – Case studies on gear grinding


Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 9:00am


Fritz Klocke - Werkzeugmaschinenlabor RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, Aachen


Gunness Student Center Conference Room, Marcus Hall


Grinding technologies are widely used in industry. Grinding can be performed with high material removal rates to cut down on manufacturing time. If grinding is performed at low material removal rates superfinish surface quality and ultra-precision accuracy might be achieved. But grinding is an extremely complex manufacturing process and it is hardly possible to consider all interacting parameters. In consequence most of the grinding processes in industry are based on expert’s experience. Researchers all over the world took this challenge and carried out experiments on different scales. Results are discussed on molecular scale, on structure- and continuum-scale. These insides are extremely valuable to better understand the physical nature of grinding processes and some of the models developed are also helpful for industry to choose optimal setting parameters. From the perspective of industry there is need to come up with even more comprehensive models which consider not only the technology but also the properties of the component machined. In these lights big data and high performance computing might help to initiate the next step in modelling of grinding processes. This talk will highlight latest developments in modelling and application of grinding processes to produce high performance gears.

Bio: Professor Klocke has headed the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology IPT in Aachen since 1995 and holds the chair position at the RWTH Aachen Laboratory of Machine Tools and Production Engineering. The American Engineering Society SME has awarded him the Eli Whitney Productivity Award for the development of number of new production processes and his findings in further development of existing processes. Every year the SME awards seven international awards to individuals in production engineering, who have rendered outstanding services in production technologies and processes, as authors of scientific-technical works, in training and teaching, as well as research, management, and the service sector. Aside from the Otto Kienzle commemorative coin of the German Academic Society for Production Engineering, the Fraunhofer Medal, and honorary doctorates from the Universities of Hannover; Thessalonica, Greece; and Keio, Japan, the Eli Whitney Productivity Award is another recognition of Klocke's achievements in production engineering. The SME had already appointed him to the College of Fellows in 2012.

After his studies in production engineering, Fritz Klocke went to TU Berlin. He was an academic staff member at the
TU Berlin Institute of Tool machines and Production Engineering and worked as chief engineering. After his doctoral
studies, earning a Dr.-Ing. in 1982, Klocke worked in the industry sector for many years. He was appointed
University Professor of Production Processes at RWTH Aachen on January 1, 1995. Since then Klocke has been Chair
of Production Processes and a member of the board at the RWTH Aachen Laboratory of Machine Tools and
Production Engineering as well as Head of the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Engineering IPT.