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Fall 2020 Senior Capstone Design

The Fall 2020 Design Showcase has gone online! Our 22 undergraduate student teams have been working diligently to navigate the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. This semester they’ve addressed a wide range of topics from rollable photovoltaics, to manufacturing engineering educational systems, to stair-climbing robots, and much more! Click on the project name below to see the project abstract and a short video produced by the team explaining what they’ve accomplished this semester.

Team Number: 1501
Project Name: Traverse Systems

Sponsored by: UMass Ocean Resources and Renewable Energy Laboratory
Team Members & Role:
Sterling Cohen – Team Lead
Kelvin Donoghue – Design Lead
John Dateo – Fabrication Lead
Noah Li – Analysis Lead
Mohammad Jadallah – Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 1502
Project Name: Breast Milk Centrifuge

Project Concept: Jamar Hawkins, Neeraj Raghuraman
Team Members:
Aidan Gerard – Team Lead
Alyssa Stati – Design Lead
Jade Huberty – Fabrication Lead
Weimian Li – Evaluation Lead
Zachary Trani – Analysis Lead

Team Number: 1503
Project Name: Ski Pole Carriers

Project Concept: Johnathan Chen
Team Members & Role:
Selena Cho – Team Lead
Jay Zhao – Design Lead
David Javadian – Analysis Lead
Alec D’Cruz – Fabrication Lead
Anthony Truino – Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 1505    
Project Name: Machining Center Image Capture

Sponsor: Palmer Foundry
Luke Chase - Team Lead
Phillip Van - Analysis Lead
Omar Staubli - Design Lead
Oliver Walz - Fabrication Lead
Wilfred Bergeron - Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 1507
Project Name: Programmable, Dynamic Medical Device

Project Concept: James Ben-Aaron
Team Members & Role:
Taylor McBurney - Team Lead
Benjamin Plucinski - Design Lead
Andrew Tillinghast - Analysis Lead
Joe Chung - Evaluation Lead
Chen Qui - Fabrication Lead   

Team 1508 – Green Energy Recycling
Team Members & Role:

Sponsor: Withheld
Isabel Chesla - Team/Evaluation Lead
Andrew Feighery - Fabrication Lead
Eris Bolduc - Design Lead
Vinish Jha - Analysis Lead

Team 1509
Project Name: Cabinet Fixture

Sponsor: Raytheon Technologies
Team Members & Role:
Alex Huang – Team Lead
Eric Dawes - Fabrication
Kenny Lenh - Analysis
Vincent Palumbo- Design
Yumi Kim - Evaluation

Team Number: 1511
Project Name: Medicine Cabinet Lock

Team Members & Role:
Devan Kumar: Team Lead and Design Lead
Tanner Borruso: Fabrication Lead and Evaluation Lead
Kevin McLaughlin: Analysis Lead

Team 9702
Project Name: Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Sponsor: Manhattan 2
Team Members & Role:
Benjamin Tan - Team Lead
George Lastowka - Design Lead
Alexander Wurst - Fabrication Lead
Hector Espinal - Analysis Lead
Joseph Soucy - Evaluation Lead

Team 9703
Project Name: Christopher’s Chair

Team Members & Role:
Ryan Murray – Team Lead
Andrew Hamel – Design Lead
Chloe Smith – Analysis Lead
Andrew Harrington – Fabrication Lead
Sarah Kim – Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 9704
Project Name: Pressure Injector

Sponsor: Srimathveeravalli Research Group
Team Members & Role:
Erik Quinn – Design Lead
Eric Rubin – Analysis Lead
Evan Mulone – Team Lead
Nathan Mulone – Fabrication / Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 9705
Project Name: MIE Smart Manufacturing Pilot Process – Storage and Dispensing

Sponsor Jim Lagrant, Professor of Practice in Manufacturing, UMass MIE Department
Team Members & Role:
Nicole Arabie – Team Lead
Andrea Malo Barzola – Evaluation Lead
Samuel Sinclair – Fabrication Lead
Chris Sorensen – Design Lead
Michael Souza – Analysis Lead

Team Number: 9706
Project Name: Pilot Process Feeder System

Sponsor Jim Lagrant, Professor of Practice in Manufacturing, UMass MIE Department
Team Members & Role:
Hugh Dougherty – Team Lead
Olivia Taber – Design Lead,
Kohei Otsuka – Analysis Lead
Graham Bamford – Fabrication Lead
Matthew Tubianosa – Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 9707
Project Name: MIE Pick and Place – Team 1

Sponsor Jim Lagrant, Professor of Practice in Manufacturing, UMass MIE Department
Team Members & Role:
Maeliz Colon- Team Lead
Daniel Burke- Analysis Lead
Andrew Farias- Fabrication Lead
Steven Hoffmann- Design Lead

Team Number: 9708
Project Name: MIE Pick and Place – Team 2

Sponsor Jim Lagrant, Professor of Practice in Manufacturing, UMass MIE Department
Team Members & Role:
Edward Stanton – Team Lead
Jonathan Lynch – Design Lead
Conor Kavanagh – Analysis Lead
Leo Goldschmidt – Fabrication Lead

Team Number: 9710
Project Name: Pelican Packaging

Project Sponsor: Pelican
Team Members & Role:
Timothy Gong - Team Lead
Ryan Gibbons - Fabrication
Paul Schissel - Design
Max Donahue - Analysis
Matthew Burrows – Evaluation

Team Number: 9711
Project Name: Palmer Foundry Molding Ergonomics

Project Sponsor: Palmer Foundry
Team Members & Role:
Eme Dozie – Design Lead
Roy Mallach – Team / Evaluation Lead
Rutvik Shah – Analysis Lead
William Galipeau – Fabrication Lead

Team Number: 9712
Project Name: SharkNinja Mobility

Project Sponsor: SharkNinja Operating LLC
Team Members & Role:
Connor Edmands – Team Lead
Daniel Miller-Grossman – Design Lead
Dylan Gallant – Analysis Lead
Christopher Leung – Fabrication Lead
Justin Sullivan – Evaluation Lead

Team Number: 9713
Project Name: Adjustable Surface Stiffness Treadmill Frame

Project Sponsor: University of Massachusetts Integrative Locomotion Lab
Zachary Hallam – Analysis Lead
Zachary Morgan Team Lead
Andrew Pepe – Fabrication Lead
Muhammad Java – Design Lead

Team Number: 9714
Project Name: UMass UAV Team

Team Members & Role:
Tim Hanson - Sensor Aerodynamics Lead
Matt DelGenio - Structural and Manufacturing Lead
Ani Prasad - Analysis Lead
Dev Patel - Electronics Lead

Team Number: 9715
Project Name: rStream - Localized PET Recycling System

Team Members & Role:
Ian Goodine – Project Lead
Ethan Walko – Project Manager
Thomas Gable – Design Lead
John Pierce – Analysis Lead