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Fast Track Acceptance

Fast Track Acceptance for the Coursework MS Degree

The MIE Department recognizes that past success in engineering courses is the best predictor of future success in our coursework-based MS degree. We wish to facilitate the application process for engineering undergraduates who have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA here at UMass or another Five College institution. For these students, we will waive many of the normal requirements of the application process: no GRE scores, letters of reference, or statement of purpose are required. The qualified student need only apply to our coursework MSME or MSIEOR program and submit a transcript; acceptance will be automatic. For fast track acceptance, you must meet the following criteria:

1) You must presently or recently (within the last four years) have been enrolled in the UMass MIE undergraduate program or an engineering program within one of the other Five College institutions.
2) You must have senior standing.
3) Your GPA for classes at UMass or other Five College Institutions must be at least 3.5.
4) Your GPA must be based on at least 30 credits from engineering courses or other courses required for the engineering degree.


Q: What if I don’t meet the requirements above?
A: Please feel free to apply via our normal application process.

Q: Are the deadlines any different than the normal application process?
A: Officially, the deadlines are the same. However, the Fast Track process is quite simple and so a
potential applicant can ask for permission to apply late. In most cases, permission will be granted.

Q: Where do I apply?
A: You apply to the MS program, Coursework option, through the Graduate School’s normal application web site. We will automatically flag your application as qualifying for fast-track

Q: What if I transferred to UMass or a Five College Institution? Does that pose any problems?
A: If your GPA of 3.5 or greater is based on at least 30 UMass credits in engineering or other required courses, there is no problem.

Q: If I am accepted through the Fast Track process, can I defer admission?
A: You may defer admission for up to 1 year.

Q: Is the application fee waived?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: What if I later decide to switch to the thesis-based MS option?
A: You may switch with the permission of the Graduate Program Director.

Q: Can I, at the end of my coursework-based MS, proceed directly to the PhD program? Or do I have to reapply for the PhD? (And take the GRE, etc.)
A: You may ask the Graduate Program Director to admit you directly to the PhD program. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.