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Graduate Gallery Competition

All graduate students at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering are invited to submit an image or a video that highlights their current research to the Department’s Annual Graduate Gallery Competition. This is a great opportunity for the students to showcase their on- going research and an occasion to learn about other ongoing research activities in the Department. The winners will receive cash prizes from the Department Head during a Graduate Student Ceremony. Below, please find the top entries for our annual Graduate Gallery Competition.


Contributor: Peter DiMeo
Advisor: Dr. Xian Du

The spectral effects of rapidly evaporating ethanol

Contributor: Umang Patel
Advisor: Yahya Modarres-Sadeghi

Streamtubes near the tail of the downscaled Shortfin Mako Shark. It shows the instantaneous flow pattern around the tail. The velocity increases as the color gradually shifts from white to dark blue.

Contributor: Kashyap Sundara Rajan
Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Rothstein

Drop formation during jet breakup of an inkjet printing fluid shot at 40000 frames per second

Contributor: Gina Georgadarellis
Aadvisors names: Dr. Juan Jimenez, Dr. Craig Albertson

Lateral view of a zebrafish skull.  Fish were participants in forced swim tests


Contributor: Vanessa Martinez
Advisor: Professor Jenna Marquard

Designing an electronic health record (EHR) prototype for my dissertation study titled: Evaluating how EHR interface design affects clinical documentation to support inclusive and equitable data collection of LGBTQ sexual history data

Contributor: Anita Dey

A streakline flow visualization of an elastic flow instability triggering motion in a flexible beam with an angular tip.


Contributor: Todd Currier
Aadvisor: Professor Yahya Modarres-Sadeghi

Title: Swimming Fish


Contributor: Amir Moridani
Aadvisor: Professor Jae-Hwang Lee

Title: Tunable Plasmonic Thermal Emitter

Caption: Periodic microstructures made using nickel and gold deposition on an elastomeric substrate