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Master of Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering Management (MSEM) is a professional degree program offered by the College of Engineering in collaboration with The Isenberg School of Management. The 10-course program is taught by faculty from both schools, and affords students the flexibility to complete it fully online, fully on-campus, or in a blended fashion. The newly redesigned MSEM program builds on the college’s long tradition in Engineering Management distance education, which dates back to the 1980’s.

Our mission is to develop managers with insight to foster engineering creativity, use engineering technology and management perspectives to solve complex problems, make decisions, and manage risk, all within the framework of complex systems analysis and design.

Our graduates are ready to:

  • lead engineering and interdisciplinary teams
  • manage and analyze the wealth of information pervasive in most industries
  • deal with risk and uncertainty
  • make better decisions
  • design better products
  • develop more effective processes
  • always take a holistic, systems perspective when addressing a problem

To achieve these goals, the program allows you to deepen your technical/analytics skills through courses such as:

While providing a strong management foundation through courses such as:

Electives can be chosen from a wide selection of courses in the College of Engineering and the Isenberg School of Management, and also include independent studies and practicum industry experiences.

For full details, go to the Program Courses page.


MSEM Testimonials

“The UMass Engineering Management Masters Program allowed me to gain depth in my engineering skills while adding breadth in the areas of business and management that helped me as an engineering leader in companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations. The engineering electives let me pursue areas that I wasn’t able to delve into as an undergraduate and the business courses taught me the language of business so I could interact with all of the pieces outside of engineering in organizations throughout my career.” —Eric Crawley

Eric Crawley has worked as a Software Engineer, Manager, Engineering Director, and VP of Engineering for a number of years. He has worked for Rockwell International, Wang Laboratories, Symbolics, Ford Motor Company, Wellfleet Communications, By Networks, Jupiter Networks, Funk Software, BigBand Networks, and Akamai Technologies as well as a few startups. He is currently working as an independent consultant and involved as a mentor at UMass and with Valley Venture Mentors. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Science and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management.


“Soon after graduating from UMass with a BSIE, I knew I wanted to earn a Master’s degree and returning to UMass was my first choice. The MSEM degree was a good fit for me because it was an interdisciplinary and flexible program that would prepare me for a leadership role at any company. I was also able to enroll in electives at the Isenberg School of Management to cultivate my overall understanding of business concepts and practices, while providing the flexibility to continue a full-time career through online courses.” —Paola Santiago

Paola Santiago joined the Global Supply Chain Development Program at Pratt & Whitney while pursuing her Masters of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) at UMass. This 2-year leadership program exposes participants to different positions in the Supply Chain Management, Operations, Materials and Quality organizations. The role rotation provides the deep understanding of Pratt & Whitney’s business model and processes necessary to take on leadership positions. Paola’s background in industrial engineering and engineering management allows her to effectively investigate and resolve quality issues in her current rotation as Supplier Quality Engineer.


Selected Faculty Profiles

Erin Baker, a leader in decision-making under uncertainty applied to energy and the environment, with a focus on publicly-funded energy technology Research and Development portfolios in the face of climate change. Baker is recipient of the College of Engineering 2016 Outstanding Senior Faculty Award and the 2014 Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award.


Jenna Marquard, well-known for her research on modeling how individuals gather and use information to make complex decisions, particularly in the area of health information technology (IT). Marquard is recipient of the College of Engineering 2012 Outstanding Junior Faculty Award and IE Instructor of the Year over multiple years.



For more information on the UMass Amherst Master of Science in Engineering degree, contact Caanin Manson, 413-545-1537,