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IEOR Graduate Testimonials

Majdouline Rim Touil

UMass Class of 2012
B.S. Industrial Engineering

Position after Graduation: 787 Final Assembly Industrial Engineer at The Boeing Company
After completing an internship with Boeing in their fabrication division in Auburn, WA, I was offered a full-time Industrial Engineering position on the 787 program in Everett, WA. I was responsible for identifying and implementing improvements for the landing gear manufacturing team. Working on an airplane program afforded me a multitude of opportunities to use my IE skillset. I was able to work on several special assignments focused on lean improvement projects across the entire 787 production system.       

Current Position: Supplier Performance Senior Industrial Engineer at The Boeing Company.
My primary focus is working on long-term risk mitigation projects across the supply chain in Asia, Europe, and North America.  My responsibilities also include conducting supplier capability assessments, identifying process improvements, supporting work transfers, developing suppliers, and recovering suppliers. My Industrial Engineering career at Boeing has allowed me to travel the world. I’ve been to Japan, China, Morocco, Wales, and England all in the last 3 years. 

Why IE at UMass
The IE program at UMass prepared me for well for launching my career. The skills I gained at UMass are what allowed me to have a successful career at Boeing. The faculty and staff at the College of Engineering truly care about each student and are supportive every step of the way.

Lily Thomas

UMass class of 2014
B.S. Industrial Engineering



Position After Graduation: Operations Management Leadership Program at GE - I was offered a job with GE September of my Senior year. Upon graduation, I started a 2-year rotational program with GE. I moved every 6 months to a new place with a new job in Supply Chain Management & Operations. I got to live in four different cities, try out different jobs and finally pick one that was the best for me. I also built an incredible network of friends and colleagues all over the US.

Current Position: Manufacturing Shop Operations Leader at GE - I lead a team of 20 production employees at a manufacturing plant in Billerica, MA. We build sensors that measure the flow rate of any liquid or gas. A traditional application of our sensors is measuring the flow of natural gas through a pipeline. Some nontraditional applications are measuring the amount of water used when making snow or the molasses flow at a candy manufacturer. My job is to make sure our sensors are built safely and efficiently to reach our customers on time with high quality. I've used my Industrial Engineering degree every day.

Why IE at UMass: The Industrial Engineering department is a tight knit community. You get all the benefits of small class sizes and personal connections with your Professors in addition to all the benefits a large research University has to offer.

Andrew Frere

UMass class of 2016
B.S. Industrial Engineering


Current Position: Data Analyst at Pratt & Whitney – I work as part of a multi-disciplinary team responsible for gathering, transforming, and analyzing data across the entire Pratt & Whitney enterprise. I was hired straight out of school. To me, this job exemplifies the versatility of Industrial Engineering; while all engineers are trained to analyze and process data, as an Industrial Engineer I have the background knowledge about manufacturing and business operations needed to contextualize the information so that it can be transformed to aid the company leadership in making key decisions. The IE’s on the team serve a vital role in understanding how our work fits into the larger picture of the organization.

Why IE at UMass: Two reasons. First, Industrial Engineering at UMass is a small, tight knit group. I transferred to UMass from a community college and actually found a similar environment here; we got to know each other quite well and got plenty of opportunities to work directly with the faculty. The second reason is cost: IE’s are always concerned with cost-benefit analysis, and the opportunity to attend a world-class institution while paying State University tuition and fees is hard to beat!

Paola Santiago

UMass class of 2012
B.S. Industrial Engineering


Position After Graduation: Global Supply Chain Development Program at Pratt & Whitney – I was offered a job by Pratt & Whitney in a 2-year leadership program while pursuing my Masters of Science in Engineering Management at UMass. Every 6 months I move to a new role for a total of 4 different positions in the Supply Chain Management, Operations, Materials and Quality organizations. Through this program I am exposed to different functions within the company and each role has heightened my understanding of Pratt & Whitney’s business model and processes. Along the way, I’ve also had the opportunity to build a network of working relationships and friendships. At the end of the program, I can place out in the job that best fits me.

Current Position: Supplier Quality Engineer at Pratt & Whitney – I work closely with the supply base to ensure we deliver high-quality parts that meet our customer's demand. My key responsibilities are to support our suppliers in finding root cause and implement corrective/preventive action on all escapes and recurring quality issues. As well as working with Engineering and Procurement to collect and compile data that drives Continuous Improvement initiatives at the supplier in reaction to escapes, and in support of reduced cost and lead-time. My background in industrial engineering allows me to effectively investigate and resolve these quality issues at the supplier.

Why IE at UMass: The College of Engineering has a reputable engineering program that is rapidly growing. The Industrial Engineering department, specifically, has great professors along with interesting research opportunities were you have the opportunity to work directly with companies to solve real world problems.