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MIE Printing Policy

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Poster printing information

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering maintains a print quota system on its printers. Graduate and Undergraduate students are allowed a print quota of $5.00 each semester, which corresponds to 100 pages in black or about 14 in color. Page balances will carry over to the following semester. Posters required for courses/events are not subject to a fee.

The printing rates are based on a charge of $0.05 per page for black and white laser printers, and $0.35 per page for color prints. Increases to a user's print quota may be purchased through a web page found here in $5.00 increments. Print quotas will be updated with payment information Monday - Friday at approximately 3pm.

The print server checks the status of a user's quota at the start of a print job. If the quota is exhausted, no further jobs will print. If a job will use up the remaining quota, the job will be deleted.


Please report any issues to Jennifer Blake