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Research Area: Dynamic Systems and Controls

In the Dynamic Systems and Control group, we focus on modeling and control design of complex and multidisciplinary systems. Examples of application areas are wind energy, wearable robotics, physiological systems, and machine diagnostics.

Research Laboratories

Control in Biomedical Systems

Research topics for the Control in Biomedical Systems Lab include:

  • Math models of the human thyroid.
  • Optimal dosing of radioactive iodine in Graves’ disease.
  • Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics model of erythropoiesis.
  • Design of anemia management protocols in end-stage kidney disease.

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Fluid Structure Interactions Laboratory

We work on various aspects of Fluid-Structure Interactions, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Biomimetics. View current research projects here.

Mechatronics and Robotics Research Laboratory

In the MRRL our research focuses on developing human-centered robotic technologies for augmenting human gait and balance and exploring physical human-machine interfaces. The 1000 sq. ft. of lab space is dedicated to the fabrication and evaluation of physically interactive mechatronic systems.

Process Automation Lab

The Process Automation Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts Amherst focuses on development of general solutions that can cope with process uncertainty. Areas of concentration are Simulation Tuning, Fault Diagnosis and Manufacturing Automation. Among the products of this laboratory are the pattern classifying fault diagnostic method Multi-Valued Influence Matrix (MVIM) and the Structure-Based Connectionist Network (SBCN) for fault diagnosis of helicopter gearboxes. The MVIM method has been applied to tool breakage detection in turning (in collaboration with GE Corporate Research) as well as fault diagnosis of helicopter gearboxes (in collaboration with NASA Lewis and Sikorsky Aircraft). This laboratory has also contributed to manufacturing automation....Read More