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Research Area: Renewable Energy

Energy is an important and exciting topic not only in the MIE department, but at UMass Amherst more generally. We contribute to this important national priority through our work on wind energy, energy efficiency, and energy economics and policy. We have the nation’s foremost graduate wind energy research program, developing cutting edge research solutions to issues ranging from turbine dynamics and controls to wind resource assessment. We approach energy efficiency and energy technology R&D policy from multiple perspectives, combining deep technological knowledge in thermodynamics, mechanical design, and operations research, with an understanding of the economic, social, political, and environmental drivers that are key to effecting changes on the ground.

Research Laboratories

Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The University of Massachusetts Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (CEERE), founded in 1997, is a national leader in industrial energy efficiency and combined heat and power. Under the leadership of Research Assistant Professor Beka Kosanovic, we offer valuable training and research experience for graduate and undergraduate engineering students, while providing technical assistance at no cost to industrial, commercial and municipal clients. We have worked with more than 800 facilities around the northeast, helping them to identify and implement cost-effective measures that reduce their operating costs, environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. Our research has informed energy policy and program development, and our graduates have gone on to found energy consulting companies and work for top energy efficiency programs.
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Engineering, Environment, and Policy

Our goal is to create a community of researchers who understand the technological challenges, environmental implications, socioeconomic, and regulatory hurdles of offshore wind farms.
Multiphase Flow Simulation Lab

Power is fundamental to the existence of modern society. Without power, you couldn't be reading this web page, for example. However, the environmental consequences of our current methods of power generation are unsustainable. Our lab seeks to improve the performance and reduce the emissions of modern power systems by better understanding of the fuel/air mixing.

The research of the Multiphase Flow Simulation Lab include sprays, cavitation, and other multiphase flows. These studies combine the intellectual challenge of multiple phenomena interacting at multiple scales, and provide the long-term benefits to society of cleaner and more efficient power. For diesel and jet engines, the spray quality has a tremendous impact on the emissions. We also simulate sprays in rockets, where we have great difficulty predicting and controlling the combustion process.

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Wind Energy Center

The University of Massachusetts Wind Energy Center is a leading institution in wind energy engineering nationally and internationally. Since 1972 the Center has worked diligently to maintain and enhance its important wind energy education programs and research activities. This website will familiarize you with the breadth and depth of that work.

We invite you to learn and grow with us in this very exciting time for wind energy. The stakes have never been higher.