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PTC Newsletter Highlights Work of MIE Senior Jose Lemus

Jose Lemus

Jose Lemus

Jose Lemus, a senior mechanical engineering student in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department, was highlighted as a “Key Collaborator” in the May issue of the PTC Digital Transformation Technologies Newsletter. As the newsletter said about Lemus, “This semester, he worked in an independent study to understand product integration and industrial automation using Vuforia Studio [Augmented Reality] by simulating the Pilot Process Machine. The machine automatically dispenses the desired color and quantity of Skittles for users.” See video of final project.

PTC Services Company Inc. is a computer software and services company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Boston and has been an industry member with the MIE Center for eDesign since early 2000.

According to the PTC newsletter, “UMass engineering capstone teams developed the components of this [Pilot Process Machine] throughout the semester. The implementation of augmented reality was essential in the development process as it demonstrated the functionality of the integrated machine and helped in the design and integration process.”

In his video, Lemus described how this independent study project, utilizing augmented reality for simulating the Pilot Process Machine, helped in the engineering and marketing process.

“So the benefits of having augmented reality are plenty,” said Lemus. “You can show your customer or sponsor or stakeholders how your components are supposed to look in a real environment and how they’re going to interact in the real world.”

Lemus added that “Also, you can spot mistakes early on in the design process by seeing augmented reality and how it interacts with other components and how it’s being assembled.

Then you can help the people programming the machine for the different components so they can understand how these components are supposed to work and what they are supposed to do.”

Lemus is joining PTC as an Associate in the Technical Rotational Leadership Development Program after his graduation. (June 2021)