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Jiménez Lab Biology * Medicine * Engineering

Our laboratory studies the interaction between fluid flow and biology, by integrating fluid dynamic engineering, cellular and molecular biology.  Body fluids or biofluids, such as blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid continuously interact with cells in the body eliciting biochemical and physical responses.  Our research seeks to elucidate the fluid flow characteristics and fluid flow-dependent biomolecular pathways relevant in medicine.

Engineering Thematic Area: 

Six Brilliant and Useful Designs Win Prizes at MIE Capstone Design Competition

A demonstration of MIE Senior Capstone project "SolaBlock"

Six innovative projects, created by seniors in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department for their Senior Design Project course, won various prizes during the Capstone Design Competition at the end of the spring semester. The two-semester course is considered the “culminating experience” of the MIE education. During the event, four years of hard work, study, and sweat equity converged into a perfect storm of timing, knowledge, execution, and peak performance.


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