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UMass Amherst Engineer on International Research Team Developing New Tools for Reducing Drug Dosage Used to Treat HIV

Graph shows how AI-PRS is used to determine drug dosage.

Graph shows how AI-PRS is used to determine drug dosage

AMHERST, Mass. – An international team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and universities in China and Singapore, is using artificial intelligence to develop a system that minimizes the dosage of drugs used to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as a way to reduce side effects. The findings are published in the journal Advanced Therapeutics.

The Sustainable Energy-Access Network for Africa Engages Stakeholders in Ghana

Nate Whitaker, Erin Baker, and the chief of Nyankpala meet in Tamale, Ghana, to discuss the electricity system from the perspective of consumers in rural villages.

Nate Whitaker, Erin Baker, and the chief of Nyankpala

Erin Baker, professor of industrial engineering, and Nate Whitaker, professor of mathematics, recently visited colleagues from the University of Ghana and University of Cape Town as part of a World University Network (WUN) grant. The Sustainable Energy-Access Network for Africa, established as part of the WUN grant, is made up of researchers from the University of Massachusetts, also including Leonce Ndikumana, professor of economics, University of Ghana, University of Cape Town, University of Nairobi, Argonne National Lab and Carnegie Mellon University.

Distractology Trailer Visits Falmouth on Cape Cod to Teach More Teens About the Hazards of Distracted Driving

student participating in distracted driving simulation

According to the Falmouth Patch, the trailer featuring the Distractology® program, developed by the UMass Amherst College of Engineering and the Arbella Insurance Foundation, visited Falmouth High School on Cape Cod from November 12 to 15. The program shows students the dangers of driving while talking on the phone, texting, or any other common distraction.

Goldstein Co-authors Essay in The Hill About a Valuable Tool for Worldwide Breakthroughs in Clean Energy

Anna Goldstein

Anna Goldstein

An opinion piece in The Hill, co-authored by senior research fellow Anna Goldstein of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, says the federal Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) is playing a key role in supporting development of technologies that will help ease the transition from reliance on fossil fuels. The authors say this agency needs support and funding to boost the technological advances needed to reshape the energy environment.


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