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Spring 2021 Senior Capstone Design

The Spring 2021 Design Showcase has gone online! Our 30 undergraduate student teams have been working diligently to navigate the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.This semester they’ve addressed a wide range of topics from smart watering systems, mine detection systems,  power generating systems using the sun and waves, integrated recycling, all the way to plant facility layouts and streamlined Covid-19 vaccination programs. Click on the project name below to see the project abstract and a short video produced by the team explaining what they’ve accomplished this semester.

Team Number: 1501
Project Name: Feed Conveyor

Sponsored by:
William Demarche
Jacob Dion
Peter Elkhoury
Colin Young

Team Number 1502
Project Name: Return Conveyor

Sponsored by:
Brigid Driscoll
Hailey Forhan
Chengcheng Le
Jose Lemus
Rebecca Rausch

Team Number 1503
Project Name: Machine Frame

Noah Bracci
Jack Ford
Kyle Gazzillo
Sean Newell

Team Number 1504
Project Name: Coffee Valve

Younghun Ahn
Zachary Bouhov
Richard Burke
Samuel Davis
Jae Hyun Kim

Team Number 1505
Project Name: Elateq Control

Miles Carey
Patrick Rota
Christopher Sheehan
Andrew Tenore
Nikolas Vieira

Team Number 1506
Project Name: Elateq Stand

Carlos Bonilla
Hichul Chung
Guilherme Rocha
Andrew Simin
Samir Yadallah

Team Number 1507
Project Name: Fresnel Lens

Logan Bridgman
Emmett Dec
Andrew O'Connor
Cole Santucci

Team Number 1508
Project Name: Dampening

Nicholas Cline
Samuel Keleher-Fusco
Alexander Patano
Matthew Power
Andrew Pritchard

Team Number 1509
Project Name: DTM Coating

Catherine Curtin
Andrew Henderson
Quinlan Matthews
Griffin Moore
Michael Rossi

Team Number 1512
Project Name: ORRE Carriage

Colin Beatty
Nick Hawley
Alec Somers
Daniel Whelan

Team Number 1513
Project Name: Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Hector Espinal
George Lastowka
Joseph Soucy
Benjamin Tan
Alexander Wurst

Team Number: 1514
Project Name: Rise Wheelchair

Carter Buswell
Camille Coutant
Ruvim Huseinau
Alexis Nurse

Team Number 1515
Project Name
: rStream Identification

Thomas Gable
Ian Goodine
John Pierce
Ethan Walko

Team Number 1516
Project Name: rStream Delabeler

Bennet Farrell
Sean Kallenberg
Leandro Montoya Araque
Paul Veronis

Team Number 1517
Project Name: rStream Drying

Mustapha Brima
Xhy-Y Dao
Dillon Monti
Ross Myerson

Team Number 1518
Project Name: rStream Pre Sorting

Matthew Belden
Kelly Clevenson
Maya Jayanth
Gregory Lucarelli
Nicholas Tomasetti

Team Number 1519
Project Name: rStream Washing

Ronan Callewaert
JP Lieu
Alfred Dao
Will Day
Liam Flynn

Team Number 1522
Project Name: Solar-Fi Pod

Corey Jacobson
Marlise van Tonder
Juliana O'Connor
Jacob Bowker
Matt Crandell

Team Number 1526
Biodegradable Syringe (Ecovax)

Mary Gerace - Team Lead
Philip Nakashita - Design Lead
Ashwini Allada - Fabrication Lead
Nattavipa Chongvimansin - Analysis Lead
Aikaterini Anagnostou - Evaluation Lead

Team Number 1527
Project Name: Ocean Resources and Renewable Energy Power Take-Off System

Magen Anderson - Team Lead
Paul Hirsch - Design Lead
William Gilmore - Fabrication Lead
Christoph Nuesslein - Evaluation Lead
Anna Pauls - Analysis Lead

Team Number 1528
Project Name: Mine Detection Robotic Arm

Griffin Moore - Team Lead
Frederick Zheng - Fabrication Lead
Mike Dahlberg - Design Lead
Sameer Kamath - Analysis Lead
Sean Flanagan - Evaluation Lead

Team Number 1529
Project Name: Smart Watering

Elizabeth Lowe
Laura Townsend
Evan Wong
Christian Brown

Team Number 7802
Project Name: Lifestyle App

Ryan Ent
Christopher Kennedy
Jaydeep Radadiya
Asmaou Sow

Team Number 7803
Project Name: MK54 Torpedo

John Benvenuto
Ajwad Chowdhury
Alex Cieplik
Rusat Latulippe
Karan Shah

Team Number 7804
Project Name: LCHC Covid Lead Time

Aliecia Bottali
Rachel Gross
Allison Lepine
Kieto Mahaniah
Tyler Sullivan

Team Number 7805
Project Name: LCHC Covid Scheduling

Sara Catanzano
Abigail Kennedy
Daylon Kongo
Shaina McGillis
Mohamed Sheikh Eldin Gabriel

Team Number 9703
Project Name: Christopher's Chair

Andrew Hamel
Andrew Harrington
Sarah Kim
Ryan Murray
Chloe Smith

Team Number 9704
Project Name: Pressure Injector

Nathan Mulone
Evan Mulone
Erik Quinn
Eric Rubin

Team Number 9705
Project Name: Smart Pilot Process Dispenser

Nicole Arabie
Andrea Malo Barzola
Samuel Sinclair
Chris Sorensen
Michael Souza

Team Number 9706
Project Name: MIE Smart Pilot Process Feeder

Graham Bamford
Hugh Dougherty
Kohei Otsuka
Olivia Taber
Matthew Tubianosa

Team Number 9707
Project Name: MIE Smart Pilot Process Pick and Place 1

Dan Burke
Maeliz Colon
Andrew Farias
Steven Hoffmann

Team Number 9708
Project Name: MIE Smart Pilot Process Pick and Place 2

Leo Goldschmidt
Conor Kavanagh
Jonathan Lynch
Edward Stanton

Team Number 9710
Project Name: Pelican Packaging

Matthew Burrows
Max Donahue
Ryan Gibbons
Timothy Gong
Paul Schissel

Team Number 9711
Project Name:
Palmer Foundry Ergonomics

Eme Dozie
William Galipeau
Roy Mallach
Rutvik Shah

Team Number 9712
Project Name: SharkNinja Mobility

Connor Edmands
Dylan Gallant
Chris Leung
Daniel Miller-Grossman
Justin Sullivan

Team Number 9713
Project Name: Treadmill

Zachary Hallam
Muhammad Java
Zachary Morgan
Andrew Pepe

Team Number 9714
Project Name: UAV Team

Matthew DelGenio
Timothy Hanson
Devkumar Patel
Aniruddha Prasad
Paul Veronis